Session: Sunday, June 16, 2019

So, as you know, we have been having our regular session but forgetting to blog about them this year. We are still alive! Lack of blog or email notification does not mean there are no sessions! You can always trust the Tranzac calendar of events or our TOQueTrad calendar page to tell you which Sunday to come to play tunes.

We are continually grateful to the Tranzac for hosting our session since the beginning of 2012. To show our appreciation, we ask for a token donation to the Tranzac Club (recommended: $3.00 or so). The sessions start just after noon (say, 12:15pm, to give us time to set up) and end around 2:45pm, to give the next band time to set up for a 3 o’clock start.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: This week, we will be knocking off a few minutes earlier to allow the group who follows us (Good Times Forever!) to set up for a live recording of their show. Exciting!

Our site was offline for a few days last month (merci bien de nous avoir averti, Jérome !) because we forgot to renew the domain name. Phew! Someone could have scooped it! (gasp)

If you are at a bit of a loose end this weekend, you might want to check out the Indigenous Arts Festival at Fort York, which runs Friday through Sunday. On Friday at 11:15am, the Métis Jiggers will be performing on the Fort York stage. They are a Métis dance collective featuring live Métis fiddle music. They kick off the afternoon’s music programming, as well, which starts at 3pm (the last band goes on at 9pm.) On Saturday, the PowWow starts at noon with the sacred Grand Entry, and dancing runs until 5pm.

We hope to see you out this Sunday!

Rob and Donna

An engraving of Summer, depicted as a young woman surrounded by fruits and other seasonal bounty.
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