LIVE Session: Sunday, August 15th, 2021

We’ve moved! And only slightly less of a production than the relocation of the house below. The session is back this Sunday, and this time it is live and in person! Our beloved Tranzac has not yet opened to the sessioning public, but Nancy and David have volunteered their home in easy walking distance from the Tranzac for our first live Toquetrad session of the decade! To keep them from the more automated spamming lists, we will not be posting their contact information here, but rest assured: a quick email to us at will get you a response email Read More …

Session: October 18th

We are happy to announce that the October ToQueTrad traditional quebecois music session is on and will happen at: Time: noon – 3PM Eastern time.Date: Sunday, October 18th Format: while the pandemic continues to blanket the land, we will come to you over your electronic tubes (Zoom session). Please send an email to for the Zoom link if you wish join us. Come one, come all. We welcome learners and accomplished players alike. Quebecois music: the best way to stay warm on a chilly autumn day!