Session: Sunday, August 21, 2022

The autumn is fast approaching, final visits to the cottage, final trips to visit family or natural beauty are in full swing. But some of us are knocking about the Big Smoke, and want to churn through some tuneful joy. For that purpose, the summer sessions that used to be cancelled for festival season are now officially scheduled and running for those of us that are in town. The session will happen this Sunday at its (new) regularly scheduled time (noon to 2PM) and place (Tranzac Club, Brunswick and Bloor in Toronto).

Oblique view of a button accordion on a grey background.
A picture of a button accordion as provided by the Toronto Star Photo Archive at the Toronto Public Library Digital Archive. Photo by Keith Beaty, 1991-09-30

The Tranzac is still enacting a COVID policy by requiring masks indoors to help protect each other, our families and communities from the spread of this modern blight. I forgot to tell my platypus joke last session, so remind me and I’ll surely tell it this month.

The details:

Date:Sunday, August 21th, 2022
Time:Noon to 2PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location:The Tranzac Club, Southern Cross Lounge (front room with shiny new bar!)
292 Brunswick Avenue, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reminder of the shorter time! Be kind to the Tranzac staff. They love us. They give us beer. They keep us safe. They give us memberships, t-shirts and hoodies in exchange for our support, vary reasonably priced.

Come join us for tunes in a safe and welcoming environment. Can’t wait to see you all!