Session: Sunday, June 19th, 2022

It’s June and summer is here, in spirit and soon in fact. Tunes are on at the Tranzac Club at Brunswick and Bloor in sunny, scenic Toronto. The tunes must flow, and we will be there to join in the flood. Come join us Sunday for our monthly dose of Francophone fun.

I know spring is on its way out, and Easter has come and gone, but these two are so adorable, that I had to share. From the Toronto Public Library Digital Archive. A postcard posted from Montreal wishing the recipient a happy Easter!

The Tranzac is still enacting a COVID policy to help protect each other, our families and communities from the spread of this modern blight. I forgot to tell my platypus joke last session, so remind me and I’ll surely tell it this month.

The details:

Date:Sunday, June 19th, 2022
Time:Noon to 2PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location:The Tranzac Club, Southern Cross Lounge (front room with shiny new bar!)
292 Brunswick Avenue, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Reminder of the new (shorter) time! Be kind to the Tranzac staff. They love us. They give us beer. They keep us safe. They give us memberships, t-shirts and hoodies in exchange for our support, vary reasonably priced.

As always, all are welcome to play, listen, learn and kibitz. Can’t wait to see you all!