Session: Sunday, November 21, 2021

A group of people singing and playing music in Auvergne circa 1900.
Courtesy: Europeana

Well, it’s now November, and the lovely weather has abandoned us. The Tranzac is open, but it’s not OPEN-open. Just open. They have yet to open the front rooms for general use, so it looks like we’ll have one more Zoom session where we can reminisce about online sessions, and meet up with our more far-flung friends.

Donna and I have recently returned from the Gatineau Hills Fiddle Festival in Chelsea Quebec, and it was a corker. Friends of the session, Stéphanie Lépine and Éric Beaudry were there and we learned a couple of new tunes there, particularly a really nice part to the Quadrille des Ancètres (partie 4) which has a really nice lolloping feel. Can’t wait to share it with you all.

As always for the Zoom sessions, it will start at noon Eastern time, and you can get the link by requesting it from us at

The details:

Date:Sunday, November 21th, 2021
Time:Noon to 3PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location:Our traditional zoom link. Please contact us at for the link.

As always, all are welcome to join us. It will be a loose round-robin, and on your turn, you are welcome to lead a tune, request a tune or pass. No pressure at all!

I know we are getting into American Thanksgiving season, but hope you can wrench yourself free before you descend into your upcoming turkey coma to join us for the last session for a while where you don’t need to unbutton your pants in order to join in with full fervour! Hope to see you there!