LIVE Session: Sunday, August 15th, 2021

We’ve moved! And only slightly less of a production than the relocation of the house below.

Historic James Crowther house raised 1.2 meters so it can be wheeled to a new location rather than be torn down.
Ready to go: The 98-year-old James Crowther home at 280 Bloor St. W. has been raised about 1.2 metres so wheels can be put under it. Over the next month it will be moved about 76 metres (250 feet) at a cost of $500;000 to make way for new buildings. Historians and Annex residents battled to save the home; which will be relocated on St. George Street” – Toronto Star, 1984. From the Digital Archives at the Toronto Public Library.

The session is back this Sunday, and this time it is live and in person!

Our beloved Tranzac has not yet opened to the sessioning public, but Nancy and David have volunteered their home in easy walking distance from the Tranzac for our first live Toquetrad session of the decade! To keep them from the more automated spamming lists, we will not be posting their contact information here, but rest assured: a quick email to us at will get you a response email with the details of how to join us on Sunday.

The details:

Date:Sunday, August 15th, 2021
Time:Noon to 3PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location:Our Tranzac away from the Tranzac, Nancy and David have offered to host us in the Annex of Toronto. Please contact us at for the directions.

The TOQueTrad COVid Protocols (and other excuses for unexpected capitalization):

For health and safety reasons, Nancy asks that you only attend if you have been double-vaxxed plus two weeks, and for the sake of those who don’t want to risk a breakthrough infection endangering their vulnerable family or friends, please bring a mask. We will be playing outside, so the ventilation should be sufficient.

We’ve made some wonderful friends from the far-flung reaches of the planet over the last sixteen months with our on-line sessions, but at some point we just have to buckle down (too soon, pilgrims?) and return to live, no-lag, hi-fidelity, in-person music. This is certainly no reflection on our far-flung friends; simply a wish to return to full-throttle Quebecois music as it was meant to be played: sitting on a chair on a kitchen table while the dancers twirl about, beers firmly in hand.

Okay, that may have been hyperbole, but we will be enjoying the music, supporting each other emotionally and sonically. Can’t wait to see you there!