Session: Sunday, May 16, 2021

Spring has arrived in Canada at long last. There is hope (and pollen) in the air. Many of us have vaccinations and we can see the glimmerings of a world where the sessions we new and loved can happen again. Naturally, we rejoice for a return to those days where we can see our friends again, and hugs are once again in fashion.

Block print of a winding road passing along a ridgeline through farms to Lac St-Jean.
“Le Saguenay”, block print by P. Haworth as found on page 17 of the book, “Le Saguenay légendaire” by Marius Barbeau (1967). From the digital collection of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, collection Numérique.

Naturally, we have also been able to develop friendships with those who would not have been able to join us in person for our sessions and we value the time and tunes we have shared with them as well. The world is not yet open. Hugs are not yet in fashion, so; It’s time once again for our monthly online digital Québecois music session!

Bring out your instruments, and serve up your favourite tunes with us this Sunday, May 16th for a bit of those tunes we all know (mostly) and love!

The details:

Date:Sunday, May 16th, 2021
Time:Noon to 3PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location:Our traditional zoom link. Please contact us at for the link.

Feel free to invite friends to join us. This session, the only conflict is the gorgeous weather and the ever-dwindling existential terror that has been keeping us buried deep in our pillow forts. So shake off that flannel and join us!