Session: Sunday, April 18, 2021

Shepherd in hat sits on ground and plays a tune on the whistle while four lambs and a young girl dance and frolic.
Engraved postcard from the collection of the Toronto Reference Library Arts Department. 1910

Spring is (almost) here! The pandemic is (almost) brought to heel! Not really. Toronto is staggering under third-wave onslaught of COVID variants.

So help us to weather the storm by joining us locked down in our homes for some more of that delicious Quebecois music that we love so much! As always, nothing like a last minute announcement for Q-music, so here it is!

What: Toronto monthly Quebecois music session!
Date: Sunday, April 17, 2021
Time: Noon Eastern (9AM Pacific)
Where: Zoom link. Send request to for a link.

So much has happened since our last session. Last month we attended the delightful Danse Neige 2021 which was entirely online this year. A delightful variety of options were available, from instrumental workshops (someone may have started to learn the bones. Somebody else already knew how to play them) to dancing, calling and storytelling. Always a delight, this year it came to our living rooms.

Rob also purchased and received the 1000 tunes tune-book, “1000 airs du Québec et de l’Amérique francophone” collected and transcribed by Vent-du-Nord’s own Olivier Demers. Buy it at Espace Parallèle. Only $40 bucks. Canadian! That’s only 4 cents (Canadian) per tune. And since Canada doesn’t do pennies anymore, that means each tune is free! Expect his wanderings through the book to remind him of tunes he hasn’t played in years. Also free!

One of our favourite bands, Genticorum, is hosting musical happy hours (Cinq à sept) every Friday in April and May (2021) from 5PM to 7PM Eastern. These sessions are interactive, recorded and made available for 24 hours after taking place, so you can revisit and learn any tunes that knocked you on your keister and absolutely must learn. These sessions are recorded and made available at the Genticorum Facebook page, so you’ll have to hold onto your account until the end of May at least before telling Mark Zuckerberg that he can go get bent.

Looking forward to seeing you all here/there!