Session: Sunday, May 17, 2020

Our last session in April was our first test of remote session online. We are happy to report it was not a complete failure!

As such,we are happy to report that we will try this great musical and social experiment again on Sunday, May 17th, with another TOQueTrad session from the comfort of your own home!

Monitors from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Space Launch Complex
FOUR VIDEO MONITORS – Vandenberg Air Force Base, Space Launch Complex 3, Santa Barbara County, CA

Again, the session will be an online session. We’ll be doing a Zoom conference where we can each lead a tune or set, and all others can play along. As all but the leader are muted during the tune, each participant will hear themselves and the tune leader, so it isn’t the full session experience, but it’s better than sitting around in your kitchen alphabetically sorting your cheeses.

We welcome back our international guests from the Quebecois Session of Boston, all the various shores of Canada and even the West End of Toronto.

All are welcome to join, but to limit the Zoom-crashers, we ask that you email us at for link information.

Normal scheduled time applies: Sunday afternoon, 17 May at noon. We will bring the meeting up at 11:45 to allow for technical briefing and troubleshooting.

We hope to see you (t)here! Social distancing! Alphabetical cheeses!

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