Manitou cassé – Andy Dejarlis

Welcome back for the second in the Coronavirus series of instructional tunes here at ToqueTrad.

This second tune comes from the great Métis fiddler and composer, Andy Dejarlis (1914 – 1975). He calls it “Lucky Trapper’s Reel”(in G) but on it’s trip to Québec, it got shifted to the key of D (Re), added a couple of beats, and renamed “Manitou cassé”. The version recorded here is from Pascal Gemme.

Manitou cassée (at speed)

Manitou cassée (slow)

A transcription of how I generally play the tune.

Transcription by Rob Rohr, April 2020

As always, let us know in the comments if there are any tunes you would like to learn.

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Be healthy and be good to each other!

Rob, Donna and Laddie at ToqueTrad.