Session: Sunday, March 15th

There will be a session this coming Sunday, same time (noon – 3PM), same place (Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto). Different tunes, though!

Colour plate of Canadians in Quebec dancing the Minuet.
Colour plate of Canadians in Quebec dancing the Minuet. Photo thanks to the Toronto Public Library Digital Archives via the Digital Archives Ontario. (Public Domain)

We’d like to thank the stalwarts who came out last month, even though Donna and Rob were not able to make it back from the snowy northern climes in time to attend the session. We shall make this month’s session extra-plein d’un soupçon des chose-bins de pure laine just pour toi. Come one, come all for some joyful music-making.

The Sweet Spot festival, March 21-22

The city of Toronto is bringing the sugar shack to the heart of downtown with The Sweet Spot festival in the shadow of Metro Hall and Roy Thompson Hall. Musical friends of TOQueTrad will be performing at The Sweet Spot at David Pecaut Square in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday, March 21 – 22 from noon to 4PM. Featured music will be, among others: Peter Jellard and Ann Lederman, Mango Chaud, Métis Strings and, ours truly, TOQueTrad session from Noon to 1 on Saturday. Come out for the music, art-making, free hot drinks, marshmallow roasting, fireside indigenous storytelling, and of course, maple taffy! Bring your own mug to help make this a waste-free event. Want to take part? Ask us how.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend and next! Dress warmly.