Session: Sunday, November 17, 2019

A large number of very cold children and adults await the beginning of the 1992 Santa Clause parade in front of Honest Ed's. Above the crowds, the signage reads "Don't just stand there!".
Santa Claus Parade, 1992. (RIP Honest Ed’s). Courtesy: Toronto Public Library

It seems early in the month but yes, indeed, the session is THIS Sunday! See you there, from just after noon to just before 3pm.

WARNING: Santa Claus Parade will be in effect. Take evasive maneuvers.

The easiest way is to arrive early, maybe grab a coffee at the Future Bakery or any other establishment on the south side of Bloor. If that window of opportunity closes, you can take the TTC to Spadina station and take the streetcar to the first stop south of Bloor, walking west to Brunswick along that street, turning north to the Tranzac. Driving is not recommended, but if you can park south of Bloor then you can make it to the Tranzac.

Remember, you won’t be able to cross Bloor once the parade has started and the traffic will be a challenge for hours before and after the parade itself. I think they still line up just west of Christie, so you might be able to do an end-run if you are coming from the west.

Good luck, and we’ll see the more intrepid of you on Sunday.

Rob, Donna and Laddie