Change in time for April 16th session, and other stuff

Michael from Alaniaris (the band that plays after our regular Sunday session) has asked us to switch slots with them for the April session. This means that the TOQueTrad session on Sunday, April 16, will begin at 2:00 p.m. and run until 5 p.m.  This session is the only one that will be affected. Rob and Donna will be out of town for this session, as well, so we would need a volunteer host. Please email us if you would like to assume this awesome responsibility.

Tartinade: a spread. In this case, homemade jam.

De la tartinade

This weekend is the annual Spring Thaw dance weekend at St. Barnabas church at Chester and Danforth. We posted more details in the calendar (which now has some events in it, even) and you can always visit the Spring Thaw webpage for more information. Québécois super-group Genticorum (Pascal Gemme, Yann Falquet, Nicholas Williams) will be playing for dances, workshops and a waltz-only dance, with caller Mary Wesley. Rob will be sitting in with the sadly James-Stephens-less members of Peach Jam! — an Ottawa-area band normally made up of Duncan Gillis, James Stephens and Paul Hawtin — under the name Tartinade, with caller Sylvie Toupin.

And, finally, this just in: Save the date for a Brian Pickell concert at the Tranzac on June 4th. We put a link on our calendar, but he has not provided info about time or cost yet. Down the line, we’ll update it, or you can try Brian’s facebook page for more information and to find out more about the other concert venues that are not in Toronto. You can also add our calendar to yours to keep up to date automatically.

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A Happy Easter card from the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Literature featuring a fluffy bunny with a chicken's egg in a nest of straw on its back, behind its little ears.

Courtesy: Toronto Public Library