Session: Sunday, April 19, 2020

Has it been a month already? Our last session in March was the last time I left the house for anything other than shopping for food or to walk the dog.

When would we see each other again? Well, the answer is, “This coming Sunday!” Join the T.O.QueTrad session from the comfort of your own home!

Personal news over closed-circuit television network at the Expo ’67 in Montreal, QC. Photo credit – Innel, Reg (1967) from the Toronto Star Archives at the Toronto Public Library

How? We will have an online session. We’ll be doing a Zoom conference where we can each lead a tune or set, and all others can play along. As all but the leader are muted during the tune, each participant will hear themselves and the tune leader, so it isn’t the full session experience, but it’s better than moping in the basement and regretting the lack of your daily jaunt to the Vachon discount outlet for your Jos Louis cake.

We had been graciously invited to try the format out by the Quebecois Session of Boston and it worked so well we want to try it out here in Toronto.

All are welcome to join, but to limit the Zoom-crashers, we ask that you email us at for link information.

Normal scheduled time applies: Sunday afternoon, 19 April at noon. We will bring the meeting up at 11:45 to allow for technical briefing and troubleshooting.

We hope to see you (t)here! Social distancing!

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  1. I’m bummed I missed this. I just sent you an email about a tune we discussed at the last Tranzac session. I hope you get it!

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