L’homme à deux femmes – trad.

Today’s tune-to-learn has two segments, which I will be calling «L’homme à deux femmes (I)» and «L’homme à deux femmes (II)». I have recorded them for you, both at once in the at-speed version and then separately in the slower-so-you-can-hear-what-I’m-doing versions.

This traditional tune is named after the dance figure of the same name, which Donna ensures me is also called “the wheelbarrow (la brouette)” as well, and not some sort of tawdry love-triangle.

Video 1: «L’homme à deux femmes (I)» and «L’homme à deux femmes (II)» – at speed

Video 2: «L’homme à deux femmes (I)» – slow

Video 3: «L’homme à deux femmes (II)» – slow

And finally, a transcription of «L’homme à deux femmes (I)» and «L’homme à deux femmes (II)».

Transcription by Rob Rohr, April 2020

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